Conversations unleashed in July 2016

During May – September (2015) I trawled through North America and Yurope at a cracking pace to meet with a bunch of artists/thinkers/doers whose work intersected with economy. This July I will (finally) have an opportunity to digest and transcribe these interesting recorded and interesting conversations. So, watch this space. [Thanks to Jocelyn Hungerford for a residency space in the Blue Mountains to do this—muchos gracias]

Conversations include: Jess Dobkin (Artist Run Newsagency, Toronto) Steve Lambert (NY), Antonio Hirsch (Surplus Library) Marina Vishmidt (UK) Michelle Kasprzak (NL) Lise Soskolne (W.A.G.E – NYC) Haben und Brachen (Berlin) Jubilee (Amsterdam) Kate Rich (Feral Trade- Bristol) and more to come.