Rebecca Conroy

244457_913a34aae52a42ec88954533d93c0602Rebecca Conroy is an interdisciplinary creature working across site, community engagement, and performative interventions through artist led activity and philosophy. Her work is bound up in mimetic strategies and the playful occupation of non-art fields such as urban planning, economics, and housing, particularly where it concerns the behaviour of cities and the rise of the creative entrepreneur and finance capitalism. She has previously worked in the role of Festival Director (Gang Festival), Associate Director (Performance Space); Provocateur (Splendid Arts Lab & Artist Wants a Life) and has been the co-founder and co-director of two artist run spaces in Sydney, The Wedding Circle and Bill+George.  From 2011 – 2014 she was conductor of The Yurt Empire, a rogue housing project and encounter in the inner city of Sydney.  She was also critical writer on Temporary Democracies and has worked with dlux media arts as science+art community engaged researcher. She has been widely published on topics ranging from artist led initiatives, site based experimental practice, and contemporary performance. Currently she is working on three projects: A Very Beautiful Laundromat that experiments with the feast and famine economy of the artist in the form of an artist run laundromat, an audio work based on a series of dates with economists, and an ongoing radical archiving project with a collective of artists with library tendencies called The Librarium.