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A love letter from Paris

DEAR LOVERS, I write this to you as a hot sweaty love letter from Paris, the city of romance and adults who are allowed to stay out late at night. As you gather in Sydney I am meeting with a…


Dating an Economist

From June through September 2015, Rebecca Conroy went on a series of dinner dates with economists in the UK, Canada and the US, and called it an art project.


A Going Concern

All money is laundered in some way. Sometimes it is accidentally laundered when you forget to take your wallet out of your pants.


Walking To The Laundromat

Life can sometimes feel like a long laundry list that you struggle to get through. *Sigh. If this is you, doing the laundry can be a great opportunity to refocus on your core strengths and build resilience into your day. This is an audio walk to a laundromat.