hanging your dirty washing on the line


Conversations unleashed in July 2016

During May – September (2015) I trawled through North America and Yurope at a cracking pace to meet with a bunch of artists/thinkers/doers whose work intersected with economy. This July I will (finally) have an opportunity to digest and transcribe these interesting recorded…


Walking to the Laundromat: Premiere

Thank you to all the participants in Walking to the Laundromat – an audio walk commissioned by Toronto based Walking Lab. Thank you Clare Britton for these great images and Dan McHugh for elegant sound production.  


A Going Concern

All money is laundered in some way. Sometimes it is accidentally laundered when you forget to take your wallet out of your pants.


Walking To The Laundromat

Life can sometimes feel like a long laundry list that you struggle to get through. *Sigh. If this is you, doing the laundry can be a great opportunity to refocus on your core strengths and build resilience into your day. This is an audio walk to a laundromat.